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MUD Servers communicate with MUD Clients via the Telnet Protocol. While Telnet is the basis of most Internet protocols (FTP, HTML, SMTP, etc), most of these protocols enhance Telnet with their own higher-level protocol in order to provide more specific and directed features. For example, FTP adds a command language for transferring files via the Telnet socket connection.

Traditionally, MUDs have used raw Telnet. MUD sessions have been enhanced using standard terminal protocols, such as ANSI and VT100 to add color and cursor control. However, there is no higher-level command protocol used by MUDs to enhance the game session. The MUD eXtension Protocol (MXP) attempts to fill this gap by providing a markup language based loosely upon HTML and XML that allows better communication between the MUD Server and Client.

Throughout this document, the terms "must", "should" and "may" are to be interpreted as per RFC 2119.


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